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Perthshire Adventure Films

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

With it being winter and lockdown, the opportunity to be outside might not be as easy for many of us, it's a good opportunity to find inspiration elsewhere. Adventure films online are a great way to grab some motivation for the good times that lie ahead.

From the soaring mountains of the Ben Lawyers range to the white water of Perthshire rivers, via an international Mountain Biking legend, here are some great videos to check out.

Dunkeld, Enduro Mtb - Wide Open magazine asks the question whether Dunkeld is the secret Mecca for Enduro

Robert Eggleston Kayaking - In this entry for the International Reel World competition, a rare descent of the Black Linn Falls at the Hermitage in Dunkeld is a highlight.

Danny McCaskill, Danny Day Care - Viewed over 9 million times, there are some incredible tricks on display. Locations include several around Dunkeld.

Green Kayak Challenge - Undertaken by Perthshire Adventure member and Outdoor Explore owner Piotr Gudan, enjoy this journey down the Tay in a 50-year-old canvas kayak. This short film has been selected to various outdoor-themed film festivals including prestigious Kendal Mountain Festival.

Loch Brandy


Right on the Perthshire/Angus border there is some incredible skiing terrain, and Aussie expat Skip Brown rides some amazing terrain in this film. With stunning cinematography, it's a fantastic Winter 20/21 edit.

Right to Roam - Made in association with Patagonia, this inspirational film looks at the wonderful Scottish Access Code and climate change, through the eyes of exceptionally talented skiers and snowboarders.

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Daniel Muir
Daniel Muir
21 Şub 2021

Great selection of films 👍🏻

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