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Perthshire Gravel

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The guide to off-road cycling across Highland Perthshire launched in 2020.

Highland Perthshire is criss-crossed with many estate and forestry trails of varying quality and length, ideal for gravel cycling. Whilst there is an abundance of trails and growing interest in cycling, clear information and planned routes were missing. We want locals and visitors to be able to make choices, safe in the knowledge of a planned route with full awareness of their options. Even for experienced off-road cyclists, the time and effort required to plan a route, and the inherent risk that the surface may not be suitable, that bridges may not exist or that facilities may be closed, means only the most enthusiastic do so.

We want people, locals and visitors, to be able to enjoy Highland Perthshire in a healthy, carbon-neutral way. Highland Perthshire Cycling wants to use the Perthshire Gravel Trails Project to encourage many more people of a variety of abilities to explore our countryside by bike, support the local economy and their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Look up all the routes on the Perthshire Gravel website:

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