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Top Five Perth City Adventures

Top Five Perth Adventures

Kayaking on the River Tay

The River Tay splits Perth right in two, the centre piece of the town. The views of the parks, gardens and fine Riverside houses are best from the River itself. Paddle under bridges, down rapids, around an island and, if you are lucky, spot beaver on the banks.

Outdoor Explore run Kayak trips along this section.

River Surfing

Just north of Perth, by the village of Stanley, is an inland surfing Mecca. Standing waves on the River Tay become surfable at certain levels and with the right knowledge, skill and experience it's an amazing experience. offers River Surfing lessons

Perth Skatepark

Perth Skatepark is steeped in lore as one of Scotland's oldest and largest. With plenty of lines for all abilities it has a well established healthy skate scene. The annual Perth Skate Jam in August attracts skaters from across the country. Perth also has a mini ramp in Scone to check out.

Mountain Biking on Kinnoul Hill

Sat high above the City lies Kinnoul Hill. It offers incredible views both of the city, the River Tay towards the coast and up to the snowcapped peaks of Glenshee. It is also host to several excellent biking routes for all abilities. The annual Fair City Enduro helps tie these all together.

Mountain Boarding on St Magdalenes Hill

Across the River Tay from Kinnoul Hill sits St Magdalenes Hill with lovely views looking back the other way. It plays host to a Mountain Board park, the only one of its kind in Scotland. With jumps, rails and a boardercross track it's great fun, whether on a bike or a board.

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