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Top Five Wildlife Spotting Adventures

Top Five Wildlife Spotting Adventures Perthshire is a haven for Wildlife with many unique and we'll preserved environments. From the large swathes of Forests, the high mountains and the many waterways, the opportunities to experience incredible Wildlife in its natural habitats is huge. Here we take a look at 5 great Wildlife Spotting Adventures. Salmon The River Tay is one of Scotland's classic fishing rivers, attracting fisherman from around the World. The Salmon they are looking for can be huge, indeed the biggest fish ever caught in Scotland was a 50 pound Salmon by Caputh on the Tay. To see these magnificent fish, head to the Pitlochry Dam. Here there is a Salmon Ladder with a glass viewing area to look into. It also has an electronic counter of the number of salmon that have passed through. For the most truly spectacular Salmon spot, if you are lucky, you may get to see them leaping up waterfalls to get to spawn further upstream. It's a special moment if you do get to witness it. The Hermitage on the River Braan and Buchanty Spout on the River Almond are great spots. Ospreys Ospreys are huge, fish eating raptors and the careful protection and reintroduction of them to the Dunkeld area has been a massive success. By Dunkeld, Loch of the Lowe's Nature Reserve is an excellent place to observe them, with a visitor centre, hides and nest cameras. March to August is the time the Ospreys are present. Beaver European Beavers were reintroduced to the Tay river system fairly recently. They are magnificent animals, cute yet impressive. Sunset and Sunrise are especially good times to be quiet and spot them on the Riverbanks. In Birnam, by the Birnam Oak, on the opposite bank is a great spot. Nothing beats seeing them from the water itself and Outdoor Explore offers Beaver Spotting Kayaking trips in the centre of Perth. Red Deer One of the symbols of Highland Scotland must be the magnificent Stags of the Red Deer. Found across the county, especially higher up on the moorlands. A fairly regular spot to see them is the approach road to Dunkeld House Hotel, where large numbers can be seen. Peregrine Falcons A spectacular sight soaring on the thermals above the Loch, Peregrine Falcons can be seen from the hides at the RSPB Vane Farm Nature Reserve, Kinross on Loch Leven.

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