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Top Five Winter Adventures

Winter Perthshire Adventures

When the snow comes, adventure doesn't stop here in Perthshire. For many locals it is their favourite time of year to be outside enjoying the wonderful nature. As well as having Scotland's largest Ski Resort, Glenshee, on its doorstep, there are plenty of other amazing, unique ways of having a Perthshire Adventure.

As with all adventures, make sure you are suitably prepared, use correct equipment, take lessons where needed, go in conditions suitable to your experience and take into account weather conditions.

Fat Biking

Fat Bikes have large 'fat' tyres and really make terrain otherwise tough on bikes, a lot easier. Think beaches, and in Perthshire's case, snow. A slog through the woods on a bike can instantly transformed into a magical, floaty ride on a white carpet.

Cross Country Skiing

The footpaths, forests and fire roads of Perthshire become a favourite haunt for Cross Country Skiiers once a little bit of snow settles. Cross Country Skis are much skinnier than their downhill relatives and are designed to propel you forwards in a gentle gliding motion. It opens up plenty of terrain, is fairly easy to get to grips with and is a lot cheaper to buy the equipment than downhill skiing.


Snowshoes attach to your boots and mean you can hike in the snow a lot easier than with just your boots on. With their large surface area they enable you not to sink into the snow, add grip and will get you out in the snow. Add walking poles to aid movement too and they will provide a fantastic workout similar to Nordic Walking.

Splitboarding and Ski Touring

Perthshire is blessed with magnificent mountains and hills, from it's Munro's to smaller hills, all with their own individual charm. When the snow falls they offer massive opportunity to tour up on Skis or a Splitboard using touring skins, then glide back down after taking in the summit views. A fantastic workout on the way up is followed by the adrenalin of the descent.

A Splitboard is a specialist Snowboard which splits into two pieces for the ascent, it can then be put back together for the ride back down.

Build a Snowman

The ultimate backyard adventure. It's great for all the family, using things like problem solving, art, teamwork and provides plenty of excercise while building your snowman!.

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